Welcome to Ernest Schilders' Hip & Groin Educational Website

This website is designed to provide information about hip and groin conditions for both patients and health professionals. The site is also aimed at increasing the awareness about a new condition called femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) or hip impingement. FAI concerns a large group of patients who, for years, have been stigmatised with unexplained groin / hip pain. FAI has currently been accepted as the primary cause of osteoarthritis of the hip.
This webpage explains the variety of often complex surgical techniques available for hip preservation and groin pain in professor Ernest Schilders’ practice.
Professor Ernest Schilders is an internationally recognised orthopaedic surgeon, who specialises in hip and groin pain in young adults. His profile is unique in that he offers expertise in minimally invasive surgery of the hip, but also in treatment of conditions such as sportmen’s hernia, adductor problems and osteitis pubis.

Ernest Schilders has been determined to unravel the enigma of athletic groin pain and has done extensive sports medicine research on this subject for over 15 years. He developed new surgical techniques to treat adductor problems in athletes, allowing them to make a faster and consistent return to sports. Professor Ernest Schilders has successfully treated athletes from the majority of Premiership and Championship football clubs, as well as high level athletes from other sports.

Ernest Schilders has unparalleled experience in labral repairs of the hip, having performed over 1000.
With the number of surgeons performing hip arthroscopy dramatically increasing, the number of revisions or repeat surgery, unfortunately, is increasing as well. Professor Schilders has an excellent track record in successfully dealing with patients requiring revision surgery.

Professor Schilders’ London practice is “The London Hip Arthroscopy Centre” at the Wellington Hospital, St. Johns Wood and Fortius Clinic, FIFA Medical and Research Centre (F-MARC). His Yorkshire practice is based at The Yorkshire Clinic near Bradford and Leeds.

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