Andrew Burns, 28, Bronze Medallist Judo, Common Wealth Games 2014.

I injured my groin in June 2013 in qualification for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, initially I was certain it was something I could rehabilitate but after 6 months and no success I sought out the best for a consultation. Prof. Schilders instantly knew what was wrong and was very reassuring, mentioning how many time he had seen a similar injury and successfully repaired the damage allowing the athlete to return to full competition. The experience of going under the knife isn't the most pleasant one, however I was looked after amazingly well and was paid a visit by Prof, Schilders very soon after the surgery. The rehabilitation protocols were laid out in a logical and progression way and I knew at which stage I could move on to higher level conditioning etc. I had the surgery in September and was back on the mat within 8 weeks doing light work and back competing by January and went on not only to qualify for the Commonwealth Games but to win a Bronze medal for my country. I couldn't recommend Prof. Schilders any more highly, if you are struggling with any kind of groin injury and rehab doesn't seem to be working then my advice is to seek out the best in they field and you need to look no further than here. Thank you so much, 18 months down the line and my groin is better than ever.

Eoin O'Malley, 23, professional rugby player, Leinster Rugby Club,Ireland. 

I had experienced about 8/9 months of groin pain, which no doctors could seem to fully diagnose. It was consistently diagnosed as a groin issue and I even ended up having a hernia operation, which was completely useless. For months I rehabbed different injuries depending on whatever new diagnosis I had been given, none of them working. I had been lucky enough to see a lot the top sports doctors and surgeons in Ireland and none could come up with an answer. Some even told me it was in my head! It was not only physical pain but by this stage it became a huge stress in my life and I was feeling under a lot of pressure to recover quickly or else I was at the point where I was potentially going to lose my contract. Thankfully one of the physios found Dr. Schilders and I was fitted in for an appointment and from then on until this day there hasn't been a single issue. The operation went exactly as he said it would, and the rehab again was exactly as he said it would be. Since my recovery I have now been playing professionally for 2 and a half years without a single issue and I’m hugely grateful to Dr. Schilders for the work he did for me.

Neagle Cathcart International tennis seniors captain

In late May 2013 whilst playing in our national championships, I was unfortunate to 'do the splits' (unintentionally I might add) on wet clay courts. Whilst the immediate pain prevented me from playing on, I did not realise how much damage I had done. Fortunately after an MRI scan showed I had torn my adductor away from the pelvic bone, I was referred to Professor Schilders in mid June 2013. I was immediately impressed by his informal and relaxed approach as he calmly explained what was necessary if I wished to resume tennis at a competitive level and how, with an accelerated re-habilitation programme, I could expect to be back on court in 3 months.Needless to say, I opted for the operation as soon as possible, as my schedule included the world championships in early September.The operation went as planned with 5 titanium screws now bonding my adductor to the pelvis and with the assistance of great physiotherapists (recommended by Professor Schilders) I started my come back. Less than 12 weeks after my operation I was playing international singles matches again (actually for 12 consecutive days in the championships) without any ill effects or discomfort. I cannot recommend Professor Schilders highly enough, he is always available should you need advice and all his staff are extremely helpful and considerate.He is a gentleman and he cares.


Lawrence Shafier, 50, bronze medalist European Triathlon Championships, Turkey 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping with my recovery following the issues I came to see you with in the summer of last year. Before my surgery I was not able to walk properly and my gait was likened to the walk of a penguin! As a triathlete I was able to train in different disciplines and when I couldn't run I turned to the cycling and swimming. As the pain in the groin increased I was not able to cycle and eventually swimming became very uncomfortable. I was in so much discomfort that I couldn't do anything. I was desperate! It was then that a friend, whose wife is an osteopath and had met the Professor, told me to go and see him. The problem was quickly identified and I had the operation on my left hip. Following my rehabilitation, I was able to walk properly again and resumed training but it became obvious that the right hip was also a problem as I was still experiencing pain in the groin on the other side. This last operation was virtually a formality and I was back up and about in no time.Following the adductor release and hip arthroscopy (on both hips), I am now able to fully resume my exercise regime. Although the last operation was in February, I have made a remarkable recovery and was able to compete in the Triathlon European Championships in Turkey last month. This was just a dream last year and I remember asking you “will I be able to run again? Well, I can and at the Championships, I was successful in winning a bronze medal. I can only thank you most sincerely for all your help.

Andrew Garside, Age 46.

I went met with Professor Schilders in January 2013.
I have always been extremely fit and active.
Possibly as a result of my past sporting exertions I found myself suffering serious and highly debilitating pain/problems in both hips/groin areas…..this over a period of 3 years.
I was extremely despondent/depressed, I could not see any possible solution.
Proff Schilders was the ONLY person who would listen to me.
He proceeded to identify the possibly causes[these being multiple and complex] , to debate potential solutions with me…. and thereafter agree upon a considered recovery plan. This meant such a lot. I was kept fully informed and throughout.
Following a recent hip arthroscopy[left hip], allied to several procedures recently carried out upon my right hip/groin area; I feel fit and well, I’m looking forward to resuming sporting activities and “normal life” again……something that hadn’t appeared remotely likely.

Emma Ramsdin, 18

My right hip started ‘clicking’ about three years ago. This was where my Iliotibial band would randomly flick over my thigh muscle. Initially, it would happen only occasionally and I could control it through strengthening exercises provided by a physio. However, as time went by, it became more prevalent – I regularly had to use crutches – and eventually, I found that I was unable to control it at all and it started to affect my other leg as well. About three months ago, my leg gave way altogether and I had to go into hospital for two weeks. Fortunately, at the same time, I had been referred to see Professor Schilders. He understood the problem straightaway and immediately performed an operation on my thigh. Following the procedure, my recovery has been startling. I only mild discomfort at first and I was able to walk with the aid of one crutch the following day and then losing the crutch all together after three days. The clicking has now stopped and my recovery is going from strength to strength.

Chrissie Havis, 32, advanced dressage rider.

I started experiencing severe 'groin strain' type symptoms in 2007. This was treated as a groin strain by physios unsuccessfully. I was then referred to a surgeon specializing in spinal surgery-as it was felt that the 'groin strain' could be referred pain from an old spinal injury. No current spinal problem was presented so I was referred to a hip specialist. A labral tear and hip impingement of the left hip was eventually suspected. I underwent an investigatory hip arthroscopy with trimming of the labral tear, in Dec 07, which was unsuccessful. I then received a couple of conflicting opinions about what to do next. These included open hip surgery with a long recovery time or an operation to break and realign my femur to alter the angle of it to my hip socket. This all sounded too drastic to me and I wasn't happy with either opinion. It was suggested by my first surgeon that I made an appointment with Prof Schilders, who did a second hip arthroscopy on the left hip. This time the surgery was totally successful and I am back to intensive training and full competition with no problems.

David Reed - International Tennis Player

 During a match at Queens Club in March 2014 I unfortunately tore my left adductor muscle leaving me unable to play sport or function at work. I was immediately referred to Professor Schilders at the Wellington Hospital and I cannot speak highly enough of the service I received thereafter. Edward (The Professors’ secretary) arranged the initial consultation and throughout the course of my treatment continued to provide a high level of service allowing the whole process to be as stress free as possible.Upon meeting the Professor it was clear from the start that if you have this or a similar injury he is the leading expert in this field and the only man to see. He immediately put me at ease and explained the options available. His pioneering surgery (partial adductor release) would give me the best opportunity to make a full recovery in the quickest time possible. Within a week I had the surgery and whilst in hospital I received the highest level of service. The Professor made regular visits checking on my welfare before and after the operation.He provided me with a 6 week rehab/exercise program which I adhered to strictly and as predicted upon completion of this I have now fully recovered and am fitter and stronger than before the injury. I am now back playing tennis and as a direct result of my treatment I am able to participate to the same high level as before.
Professor Schilders in summary is simply a genius. He is a true gent, the lead in his field and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Moya Turrell, North Yorkshire, Nov 2014.

"I can't speak highly enough of Professor Schilders and will be forever grateful for his help and expertise.    I have complete and total confidence in his abilities and would recommend him as a first-class surgeon.


He has persevered with me over a considerable period of time following a sports injury to my hamstring and hip and has dealt successfully with one problem after another.  Whilst technically my operations were not particularly complex for him (a hamstring release, two hip arthroscopies/psoas release), my recovery was hindered by unusual adverse reactions to injections and medication which necessitated a lateral approach to my rehab and a tailored approach to my specific needs.   When a particular therapy wasn't producing results he came up with an alternative solution on each occasion.  As if my medical problems were not enough, I was also thwarted by so-called "post code lottery" funding through the NHS on two occasions, which involved a lot of extra work for Prof Schilders in trying to assist me.    Despite being very busy, he has always found time to contact me and offer timely advice. 



Lesley Reynolds 56 

I referred myself to Professor Schilders for a second opinion after being advised by my original orthopaedic surgeon that I needed a hip arthroscopy.  I didn't agree with this diagnosis - hence my desire for a second opinion.  I had been experiencing discomfort upon sitting and bending forwards for almost a year, and had tried physiotherapy, osteopathy and even acupuncture - but nothing helped.  Visits to the cinema, theatre, any form of travel, driving, bending forwards to clean teeth/wash hair were all becoming extremely difficult and painful.
My pain was quite debilitating but prior to my injury I was a regular at my gym, enjoyed yoga and Pilates and was a keen jogger. 
Prof. Schilders diagnosed that my pain was coming from my hamstring - and not my hip.  He discussed with me exactly how he would operate to relieve me of my pain.  I had complete confidence in Prof. Schilders; from the moment I had my first appointment it was obvious that he is extremely experienced and also a kind and caring surgeon.
Prof. Schilders operated to repair/release my hamstring at the end of October 2013.  I was in hospital for just one night.  My recovery was much quicker than I expected - I was able to sit comfortably within a couple of days and within 8 weeks I was back at the gym and enjoying my classes.  I have had no pain since my operation.  It seems remarkable to me that such a small operation has made such a difference to my lifestyle.

Angela Durance, 58

For approximately six years, throughout which I suffered constantly with lower back and hip pain and an extremely poor quality of life, I was bounced backwards and forwards between various doctors, specialists and private practitioners whom I paid and none of them could decide what the cause of my pain was. I eventually had a hip-arthroscopy, in which the surgeon failed to notice the bone growing over the joint, which was causing impingement. I believe that he did mend a labral tear, but I think that because the bone had not in fact been removed, this re-tore during the six week check ! When I claimed that this examination had caused damage to the labrum and that I did not feel that the operation had been successful, the surgeon asked me what I would like him to do – I think you can imagine what my reply was. When I could not get a positive result from this orthopaedic surgeon I asked him to recommend someone who would be able to sort out my hip, who would give me a second opinion. He recommended Prof. Ernest Schilders – the rest as we say is history !! I honestly do not know what I’d have done if I had not had the good fortune to meet Prof Schilders, as prior to my appointment with him, I had seen someone in Podiatry for insoles, a variety of orthopaedic specialists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists. I had been for reiki, pilates, spiritual healing and too many alternative therapies to mention and passed about from pillar to post. I had been prescribed muscle relaxants and anti-depressants and it was even suggested that my problems and pain were a figment of my imagination. You can imagine how desperate and depressed I was becoming.

 When the Prof first examined me, I did not believe that he knew what the problem was and that he could fix it. However, the more we discussed things, I realised that he really did know !!.  The relief was tremendous, I was so happy – someone believed that I had a real problem, which could be cured with a hip arthroscopy. I had every confidence that he could and would, do what he said - and he did. I will be eternally grateful to the Professor and his staff and the Physio team who took care of my aftercare and getting me back to full health. Starting physio was the first time I could help myself and be pro-active, it was difficult at first, but as time progressed, it became easier. You need to build a good relationship with the physio and do everything as best as you can, all the time retaining a positive attitude. I feel that without the Professor, I definitely would not be able to live the normal, very active life that I have now.

 The Professor, his knowledge and expertise gave me my life back after I had been wandering in a medical wilderness for over 6 years – he was the ONLY person to listen to me and believe what I said. Without being over dramatic, Professor Schilders saved my life. I feel hugely honoured that I was fortunate to meet him and that he agreed to treat me. Such a small thread led me to him and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without him……… incapacitated and depressed, with no quality of life.