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Patient's Pathway for an Appointment

Sample Appointment Letter

The London Hip Arthroscopy Centre

Professor Ernest Schilders MD, FRCS, FFSEM

Tel: 020 7483 5589
Fax: 020 7483 5241

8th April 2011

Dear xxxxx

I am pleased to confirm your appointment at The London Hip Arthroscopy Centre with Professor E Schilders on-

06th June 2011 @ 11.30am

- Please arrive 30mins / 60mins before your scheduled appointment time for a physiotherapy assessment and x-rays

-Please ensure you bring your x-rays with you. If you have any problem obtaining these, please let me know as soon as possible.

Please expect to be at the hospital for a minimum of one and a half hours.

Where to come:
Please report to The Platinum Medical Centre 15-17 Lodge Road, London

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